F1 in Monochrome

Maybe I’m a bit late with post since the new season started, but this is an ongoing project to strip down the color from this vibrant sport.

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Shades of Monaco

Monaco Formula 1 race is the pinnacle of every F1 season coverage. No matter how many times I’ve been there, the glamour and F1 history never fails to strike me. A man looks at luxury yachts at the harbour in Monaco next to the Circuit de Monaco, on May 25, 2018 ahead of the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. A Rolls-Royce – or a Lamborghini […]

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Bad days in Belgrade

Many of them say, “Serbia is good!”, with thumbs up. But I guess not so good. Or all the other countries on their journey are very bad 🙁 You can just imagine how bad, if this is good.

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Year 2016 through my viewfinder – VIDEO

My dear friends, I wish you nice holidays and all the best to you and your loved ones in 2017. Year 2016 through my viewfinder from Andrej Isaković on Vimeo.

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Basketball in Rio 2016

Impressions from Rio Olympics basketball tournament

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Forgotten in Idomeni

When you lookup on Wikipedia you get the following description: Idomeni is a small village in Greece, near the borders with the Republic of Macedonia. The village is located in the municipality of Paeonia, Kilkis regional unit of Central Macedonia. Wikipedia     But in the history books it will be remembered by human suffering. For the past three years, and especially since September 2014, […]

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Review 2014

Challenging year

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